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Open Source Learning & Development Content

Imagine if 100 or more of the top UK education providers collaborated to offer completely open and accessible training content?

The idea of Open Source Learning & Development Content falls on deaf ears for many training providers because the whole concept has been misinterpreted by many in the training sector. Schools, colleges, universities, private training providers and accreditation bodies continue to closely guard their content as 'unique' and 'innovative' but why? This business model is fast becoming outdated. 9 times out of 10 the content is more or less the same as your competitors.

'Real innovation is driven by a diverse range of contributors working together to make change happen.'

The average shelf life of a brand new piece of genuinely unique content has reduced enormously over the last few years because of digital technology and huge transformational change in the world today. Typically a new training concept, idea or theory will be 'unique' for around 90 days or less! After which time it's shared, adapted, altered and ultimately improved by those who first experience it.

A full open source learning content mind set may be a little too far for the industry to stand right now but a first step could be to form open source collaboration communities who provide a closed but wide loop around an agreed range of subjects. Each of these subjects complimenting and improving the output of each other.

We already know that right now and more so in the future finance professionals need more management skills and data scientists need cognitive flexibility and HR professionals need technical skills, the list goes on. Rather than, for example, an HR training company trying to grapple with technical training content, it makes sense to share your own subject knowledge with a technical training provider who would also share their own area of expertise in a wider context so that new innovative and Future Ready talent are given the most relevant skills to succeed.

The quality, accountability and continuity arguments against this are valid however not insurmountable. New thinking is needed to form collaborative validation, standards and quality control. There is so much duplication in the sector around assuring the quality of an almost identical qualification to that of a close rival. Would it not be more efficient to use this resource within a collaborative open source learning environment?

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