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Training Applications

Taking the core impacts of training and development into account JumpStart AR will 

  • Provide just in time training, coaching and support

  • Give hands free functionality to your learners for positive on the job experience

  • Record evidence and observation for apprenticeship e-portfolios

  • Set your learners up for success during their end point assessments. 

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Whether your a training provider, EPAO or an employer, JumpStart AR offers direct enhancement to your learners engagement, success rates. In addition, the 'see what I see' and 'voice recognition' functionality will help you develop each apprentice with grately reduced costs, avoiding costly site visits and lost time via last minuet cancellations.


Either through apprenticeship training or direct, full cost learning, JumpStart AR can help reduce the burden of tying up valuable shadowing. Many training providers have limited flexibility when offering coaching and skills development sessions. This can easily be adapted to become a digital augmented reality session either one to one or with colleagues.

Up-skilling Existing Employees

Whether It's a CSCS card, sentinel or organisational safety training required, JumpStart can help. 
Instructional video, in the learners line of sight can make their training experience more effective and enable greatly increased success rates. The hands free functionality and remote coaching are ideal for dangerous or difficult training environments.

Specialist/Regulatory Training

JumpStart Your Digital Learning Strategy

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