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Use Cases

Using the latest technology and wearable augmented reality headsets such as RealWear and Google Glass EE2 we are changing the way knowledge is recorded, stored, shared and used. 

From manufacturing to construction to logistics and utilities there are a wide range of industry sectors who have seen instant ROI from utilising Augmented Reality. Check out some examples below.

Optical Glasses
Wind Turbines
Construction Worker

Reduce errors and ramp up production to meet growing global demand. Digital transformation through IoT, AI and Connected Workers will enable your workforce to work safely and effectively, shoulder-to-shoulder with collaborative robots, and deliver tangible return-on-investment.


Training your emerging talent and developing existing staff in 'off the grid' locations is always challenging. JumpStart AR can provide a safe, secure and highly functional solution Realwear headsets which are dust and slash proof and in addition have noise cancellation technology for clear, hands free instruction.


Cost effective training on sometimes challenging and remote sites is now simpler and highly engaging with JumpStart AR. The customisable software can support your new recruits through induction programmes, apprenticeships and more.


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