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Lets take a look at your options

Let's start with Assisted Reality
What it is: Assisted reality technology allows us to overlay digital images, video and text in the users line of site. It also provides voice control, see what I see remote video guidance, QR code recognition, GPS and various other functionality. 
What it's not: Assisted reality is 2 dimensional which has several benefits when working in field based environments. The software gives loads of amazing functionality but does not overlay 3 dimensional images which can be data heavy and require a high bandwidth to function. So if your work is field based and service critical you may wish to opt for Assisted rather than Augmented reality.

Assisted Reality has several key benefits for training, including:

  • Improved Engagement: Assisted Reality provides a more interactive and immersive learning experience, which can increase learner engagement and motivation.

  • Enhanced Understanding: This option allows for the overlay of 2 dimensional virtual information onto real-world environments, helping learners understand complex concepts and tasks in context. Imagine voice activating a micro learning module video session which you can see in your line of sight while standing on top of a cell tower or any field based use case scenario

  • Cost-effective: Assisted Reality eliminates the need for expensive equipment or physical mock-ups, reducing training costs

  • Increased Retention: Assisted Reality allows for hands-on practice and reinforcement of skills, leading to better retention of information

  • Scalability: Assisted Reality can be used to train large numbers of people in a consistent and standardized manner, regardless of their location

  • Improved Safety: Assisted Reality can be used to simulate dangerous or hazardous situations in a controlled environment, allowing for safer training

  • Accessibility: Assisted Reality can make training more accessible for people with disabilities or limited mobility.


Our unique Assisted Reality platform is called JumpStart AR

Let us walk you through a remote demonstration 

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