JumpStart AR

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JumpStart AR is a seamless fully integrated skills development and knowledge transfer solution.

Assisted or Augmented Reality technology allows us to overlay digital images, video and text in the users line of site. It also provides voice control, see what I see remote video guidance, QR code recognition, GPS and various other functionality. 

JumpStart AR is 'device agnostic' meaning that our solution can be used with smartphones / tablets or the latest wearable AR headsets giving maximum hands free and voice activated control and functionality.

Imagine your existing teams, apprentices or new starts being able to access just in time remote guidance and mentoring, safety and process instruction on demand and everything is instantly recorded on a highly secure cloud based platform for future use. 

There are many use case examples, one of these is Apprenticeship Training and assessment. Imagine your learners being able to access pre assessment gateway guidance, hands free, voice activated assessment with full LMS and e-portfolio integration.

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