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'Jumpstart AR' has arrived

Imagine if your safety glasses were connected to a live network of stakeholders, industry experts or your workmates. Imagine your apprentices could access real time coaching and mentoring, instruction, maintenance manuals and data support on demand Imagine if your Training and End Point Assessment Organisations could remotely contact, support and assess your apprentices enhanced by Augmented Reality directly in their line of sight. Future Talent Training's JUMPSTART AR is the first of its kind in the UK, specially developed for the Apprenticeship Market. This leading edge technology powered by HINDSITE will enable your apprentices to access mission-critical information and make See-What-I-See video calls in real time without taking their hands off the job. Simply stream your point of view through our wearables and breeze through assessment and competency checks with off-site experts, or connect to a remote manager to walk through any problems onsite. In addition JUMPSTART AR also provides Real Time Location for the protection of your Apprentices ensuring the highest level of safeguarding at all times while they are on site. All this backed up by JUMPSTART our completely free to access Future Talent Strategy Tool. But we don’t stop there. Future Talent Training provides a complete end to end solution for your organisation. Strategic Talent Development, Training partner / EPAO assessment and management, Learning and Development ROI analysis, Operational L&D support and direct connections to the best training providers in the UK.

If you're ready to take the next step, reduce training and assessment costs, increase success rates and transform the way you develop your Future Talent, let's talk.

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