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So What Exactly is Learning Analytics? I'm Confused

So what exactly is Learning Analytics?

Every year the Learning and Development world dreams up, adopts or reinvents various terminology but what do these new phrases actually mean? Future Talent Training is on a mission to simplify this jargon for you and clarify which are really important to fully understand in terms of your organisation's future talent. In this series of blog posts we will clear away some of the mist.

Learning Analytics - Wickapedia’s definition is ‘the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs’

So what does this actually mean?


In this year's L&D Global Sentiment Survey produced by leading industry thought leader Donald H Taylor, Learning Analytics is the number one ‘hot topic’ for 2020. 

Future Talent Training Definition - Learning Analytics is the use of quality learner experience data to inform the future development of content, learning journeys and training methodology. 

We have all been on that amazing training course which sticks in your mind and has influenced or inspired us to truly develop as an individual, but why was it amazing? Was it just you who thought it was amazing? And most importantly would it still be amazing today? These questions are partly answered by Learning Analytics. If you don't focus on this right now within your Future Talent Strategy, it's time to start.

The Hierarchy of Learning Analytics 

Level 1 - Historically at the top level, Learning Analytics has covered Macro Data from various industries and academic studies to give us a blunt but useful insight into potential future learning trends.

Level 2 - The next level of analytics uses Educational Data Mining, searching for patterns and positive trends which show clear impact or failure depending on the study programme, training methodology or learner demographics. 

Level 3 - This ground level learning analytics is focused on actionable insights which come from a combination of levels 1 & 2 but in addition uses ‘scale’ with Big Data analysis. The net result is a set of clear improvements which CEO’s, Senior Management and L&D professionals can implement to show clear increases in skills development and impact.

Today, AI and Machine learning technologies have already embedded themselves within almost every part of our lives. This has given us unprecedented access to new actionable insights in all areas of our learning journeys and at lightning pace. Especially with online, e-learning and blended training methodology we can now instantly measure every keystroke, length of time online and amount of effort needed to master a learning module. This results in an almost real time analysis of actual impact of your learning and development strategy.

To delve into this subject further or to talk about how Future Talent Training could help you with your own Future Talent Strategy please use the contact form or email

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