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Development Group Resource

October 2020

What’s expected from our test group collaboration partners?

Safety, security and safeguarding: Much of the interaction with our collaboration partners will be remote in order to eliminate or minimise any risks associated with Covid 19. During any site visit we will firstly provide full disclosure and confirmation of any past Covid exposure. In addition we will also follow all your own Covid related policies as well as any internal procedures for
site visitors. Full GDPR compliance will be followed with participation in the project remaining anonymous throughout.

Timeline: The project is due to run from January to March 2021 (3 months) Prior to this we will plan our interaction with you avoiding busy academic periods and other critical dates you may have.

Identifying the test group: Prior to Jan 2021 we will also work with you to identify a group of six students from an engineering, computing or business faculty, the exact subject being studied is open to your discretion. In addition we would ask that one member of your academic/management team is nominated as your internal test group coordinator for this project. This will help us manage the logistics and communication efficiently.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion forms a key objective of this project therefore we would ask that you consider this when nominating potential candidates.

Availability of students to spend up to 1 hour per week attending online forums, completing questionnaires, giving feedback on content and functionality of the tool. Should any of your students have a keen interest in learning more about the technology involved we would be delighted to arrange a presentation for you.

Live testing: In addition there will be two live testing sessions using the AR tool with both smart devices and wearable headsets. One in January and a further session in March with updated functionality and content. This will involve up to two members of the project group visiting your site for around 3 hours to conduct 1-2-1 tests with each of the six participants primarily focusing on the relevance of the line of sight content, automated hands free video and audio functions, gesture control functionality and overall suitability of the tool within the particular study programme of the participant.

Reporting and feedback: After completion of the test phase we will provide you with an individually tailored report on the results of the test phase both in terms of your participants and the other test groups. This will feed through to a finalised beta version tool which will be made available in advance of market release to you and the other collaborators. Should you wish to use the product, you will also qualify for a substantial fee reduction.

Expenses: Any reasonable expenses incurred by your students or Coordinator while taking part in the testing process will be reimbursed, receipts will be required.

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