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The Explorer

Looking back at the 'first' 20 years greatest hits of Gary Boyd I can clearly see that I'm an explorer at heart, not just geographically but in lots of other ways too.

My career so far has taken me to some amazing international locations across Africa, Asia the Middle East and Russia, learning all the way. One of the many skills I've picked up is a full appreciation and understanding of our diverse global talent which has never been more important than it is today and tomorrow!

Now based in Cary, North Carolina as a digital L&D consultant, I am passionate about our Future Talent and that's why I've built Future Talent Training.

We have set out to help as many organisations as possible look further ahead and challenge themselves to create a meaningful Future Talent Strategy, embracing technology, digital transformation, new forms of learning and the lightning pace of change. My work is all about impact not input.

It's time to change.

Contact me for a chat and find out more about how we could make change happen in your organisation.

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Augmented Reality

Stage 1 Complete :-)

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